Commercial Premises

Diva Cleaning Services specialises in tailored solution for your office needs. The same quality and care we place on our household customers, we place on our corporate clients. Our services ranges from ongoing daily services to one off cleaning solutions.

Daily Solutions

From bathrooms that shines to clean working surfaces and vacuumed carpets, our daily routine make sure that your office is clean every day. We can schedule our times around your needs and fit a daily routine that will provide you a clean office every morning.

One-off Cleaning Services

Do you know that to enhance the life of your carpet, you should have it cleaned at least twice a year? While vacuuming will keep it clean on the surface, a deep cleaning will do much more. Not only it will increase the lifespan of your floors, but will remove the allergens that can easily nest in it.
Our idea is that a healthy working environment is a better working environment. An office you can be proud to show to your potential customers, and a place your employees, even those suffering from allergies, are living thoroughly.