Domestic Cleaning

The domestic cleaning is the flag services at Diva Cleaning Services. With more than fifteen years of international experience, servicing demanding customers, we proud ourselves of our proactivity. We do not want to provide you with a service comparable with other cleaning services, we know we do better.

Ongoing services: daily or weekly

You may need us every week or every day, and we will be happy to come and make sure your home shines. Our ongoing services are focussed on giving your home a thorough domestic cleaning, so that your house will look, feel and smell fresh and clean. From cleaning all the living surfaces and floors to vacuuming the carpets, from cleaning the bathrooms to resetting your bed, our daily or weekly routine is about a clean house.

Additional domestic cleaning services

Should you be in need of your garments ironed, we can set an additional time to make sure everything you wear is ready in your closet.

Something more every time

During every visit, we make sure to allow us some time for something more. We cut some time in the routine visit to focus on something that a normal visit do not generally cover. In depth oven cleaning, hidden surfaces or windows, we make sure that little by little your home can pass what Italians call “the mother-in-law inspection“. It is about making sure that no details are left not cleaned for too long.

Special domestic cleaning session

Do you know that your carpet should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year? To avoid allergens nesting in your floor and to give new life to it, we can arrange special domestic cleaning sessions to make sure your home is a healthier place to live in!

Specialists in Antiques, Crystalware and Silverware

At Diva Cleaning Services we proud ourself of our expertise in working with antiques, crystalware and silverware. We know exactly how to take care of your precious and old furniture, which products give them new life and protects them.

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