Why selecting Diva Cleaning Services

Diva-Cleaning-Services-DUntil the age of 14 years I couldn’t do any cleaning in the house, and I was not able to help my mother to keep the house clean and tidy. My wardrobe was a mess, as an earthquake had happened inside.
My name is Dilyanka Kalinova, I am born in Bulgaria in 1962, and I have always wished to be independent and explore the world. At the age of 15 I left my parents’ house and I move to a big city to study. Getting older, I started to travel by myself and I realised I was attracted by hotels room maintenance: everything was clean and well organised. Hotels cleanliness and sense of radiance fascinated me; since then, I changed my approach: cleaning became something I loved.

After 25 years, I realised that my own country was not giving me the professional satisfaction I was looking for, so I decided to move to Italy, making a big change in my life and in my profession. Italy is well known for their precision in keeping houses tidy and clean. Without knowing the language, I started to work as simple cleaning lady. I worked hard and well, and in my 8 years in Italy I learned the language, adapted to the culture and moved up the ladder. I pride myself not to have received any complain. All my customers were happy with my service, and actually I was happy too.

Then, life changed again. I realised it was time for another move and my journey brought me to London, where my daughter lived. I decided to stay a bit closer to her: another change, another language to learn, always with the same spirit. In 2011 I set up my own company for cleaning services and I give the best service ever, as this job is my passion.

When I clean a house, my thought is to the client coming back at home, happy to stay in a tidy and clean house thanks to me: this is what I work for, what I want each client to feel. A clean home is a happy home.
I have personally selected every single person in my team, making sure they safe my commitment. They have a minimum of 5 years of experience. To guarantee the high quality of the service, I give them a week of additional training on general, and specific cleaning techniques. The ones I would like them to use if they had to clean my own home.

If you don’t try how we take care of your home, you will never know.

Dilyanka Kalinova
Manager Director

Diva Cleaning Services: why choosing us

Our customers select Diva Cleaning Services for our reliability and professionalism. When we bring a customer on board, we focus on the quality of our work, placing your needs in front of everything else. From your house to your office, we listen to what you need and we make sure your priorities are our priorities.

Differently from other cleaning services, we do not bind you to long term contracts: we are so sure that you will love the results that you will stay with us.

Having your house cleaned and smelling fresh makes coming home from work a pleasant and relaxing experience, and our cleaning services are targeted to this: your satisfaction. We believe that your time is valuable and our services are targeted to giving you back what’s more valuable. You can spend your minutes with your family, your children, without having to worry about the cleaning: that’s what we are here for.

At every visit we make sure that the house is clean and fresh, then we focus on a specific detail every time. May it be making your oven shine, or making sure there is no dust on top of the kitchen. All those details that makes the difference.

Your peace of mind is paramount for us, this is why we can provide a large amount of references. You can read some of the things our customers wrote about us on our testimonials page.

If you want to know us a little bit more, or if you like a quote, please do not hesitate to get in touch!